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Master of Education in Education Policy

Yiren Zhang

Yiren ZhangWhat are you studying? 

I’m currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Cambridge. My research interests include education policy, education equity and migrant children’s education. I’m currently researching Chinese migrant children's upper secondary vocational education.

Can you tell us about your MEP internship experience?

I interned at Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) where I analyzed survey data for a school staff activation project and created a report that included recommendations to improve the project. My experience at EOS allowed me to finally apply what I learned to the real world. It also helped me develop both professional and academic skills such as data visualization, presentation and data analytics. I was really happy with my internship experience especially because my mentor as well as the whole office were also extremely supportive.

What did you gain from the program that you have found helpful since graduating?

I was an international student from China. I became more familiar with the education system in the United States through my courses as well as from discussions with my classmates. I also made many friends who helped me push myself and conquer the challenges of graduate school. I learned to understand education as a social institution and to evaluate policies through a multifaceted lens. Finally, the program’s flexibility enabled me to select more research-oriented electives. This provided a solid background I needed for my Ph.D.